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Luisa Cerano’s exclusive accessory collection to add appeal to your outfits

The right accessory will instantly uplift your look to make it more edgy and stylish. With Luisa Cerano statement belts, you can make your outfits look even more eye-catching and appealing. Crafted from pure leather, stitched and designed to give you that extra glamourous touch, Luisa Cerano women belt collection will take your style to a whole new level


A balance between modernity and versatility

Luisa Cerano belt is crafted to give you that perfectly snug fit that flatters your frame like never before. There are a million ways to style a Luisa Cerano belt to amp up your overall ensemble and enhance both your formal and casual style. 

From a collection of tiered belts to help you accentuate your curves, to slim leather belts that are ideal to punch up the appeal of a floral dress, Luisa Cerano women belts are exquisitely crafted to elevate your look and style. A black slim statement belt with the iconic buckle fastening is a great way to add detailing to your work edit. Wear it with a sharp and sleek dark grey rouser and a smile and a crisp white shirt. Throw in a blazer for some brownie points on fashion. For your evening ensembles, the Luisa Cerano tired belt is simply the best pick. It warps nicely around the waist and looks stunning when paired with a contrasting evening gown with an extra flowy silhouette. Crafted from premium leather, a brown slim belt from Luisa Cerano is great to punch in that extra detailing to white midi dress for a day at the beach. Pair with a straw hat and jute bag to finish the look in style. Set the trend right with a Luisa Cerano accessory and enrich your fashion edit for the season. 


Premium leather belts for all occasions

After dominating the European markets for much over two decades, Luisa Cerano is all set to take their latest collection online with e-commerce shops like Firusas.com. Catering to styles and trends all year round, Firusas.com brings to luxurious Luisa Cerano women accessories that will keep you fashionable season after season.