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Luisa Cerano verfolgt stets höchste modische Ansprüche und gewährleistet diese durch den Gebrauch hochwertiger, italienischer Materialien. Durch die perfekte Verarbeitung entsteht eine Symbiose aus sportiver Lässigkeit und zeitgemäßer Eleganz.
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Accessories that shape your look 

Luisa Cerano is a brand that is known for its bespoke fashion and contemporary touches to the most traditional pieces. Their accessory collection can instantly transform your look and brighten up your outfits. Whether you are someone who loves minimal styling or someone who likes to overload their look with statement pieces, the perfect Luisa Cerano accessory is waiting for you just round the corner so gear up to stay unapologetically fashionable. 


Functional belts to stunning scarves, luxury edit from Luisa Cerano

When you’re looking to uplift your look effortlessly, all you need to do is take your pick from the gorgeous accessory collection from Luisa Cerano. Each bag is crafted with painstaking attention to detail. Luisa Cerano scarves are crafted using a beautiful blend of colors that matches all your outfits. Belts come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you get your ideal fit without spending too much time and effort. 

Work your formal ensemble with a bold and vibrant satchel bag that comes with a comfortable top handle and spacious enough to pack all your essentials. An oversized Luisa Cerano shopper tote is all you need to carry when you step out for a shopping spree with your girls. It is accommodative, is designed to be functional and stylish at the same time and let’s not forget the chic detailing it imparts to your overall attire. A sleek crossbody bag will go beautifully with your fit and flare midi dress. Pair that with your tie-up heels and you’re good to go. For those after-dark events, wrap in a flowy cocktail dress with a Luisa Cerano clutch. Offering an interplay of colors, cut from a sumptuous silk fabric comes the Luisa Cerano statement scarves that go wonderfully with your outerwear for those extra chilly days. From floral motifs to solid and straightforward colors, these scarves are the embodiment of the high-fashion and contemporary woman of today. With belts that accentuate your frame, Luisa Cerano’s women belts are available in never-seen-before shapes and cuts. Stitched from premium leather materials, these belts are a great way to add character to your designer wear and make you look like an absolute diva. Whatever the reason, no matter the occasion, a Luisa Cerano accessory will give you that on the fleek look, each time you choose to combine it with your outfits. 


A luxury staple from Luisa Cerano on firusas.com

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